Location: Boulder, CO, USA

(40.015° N 105.271° W)

Sunset Time: 17:17:06 1-30-2020

Sunrise Time: 7:11:06 1-31-2020

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Moon Illumination: 30.0%

Visible Planets: Venus, Mars

Highlighted Constellations:

Auriga, Cassiopeia, Big Dipper*, Monoceros, Corona Borealis, Cepheus, Orion, Puppis, Draco, Canis Major, Leo, Cancer, Perseus, Hydra, Taurus, Corvus, Gemini, Ursa Major, Boötes, Ursa Minor, Serpens, Lynx, Lyra, Virgo, Libra, Hercules, Camelopardalis, Crater, Cygnus

*The Big Dipper is actually an asterism, not a constellation :)

This animation shows the night sky as it appeared from this location on this date. You can watch the stars, constellations, planets, Milky Way, and the Moon glide across the sky from sunset to sunrise. The music is created by converting the color and brightness of the highlighted stars and constellations into musical notes. The redder stars produce lower pitched notes while the bluer stars produce higher notes. The brighter the star, the louder the note. A cosmic dance and celestial song as unique as your special night.